Sun Deck - 15' x 5' Awesome Party Barge

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  • Location: Sunriver, Oregon
  • Product code: SunDeck

ONLINE BOOKING DISABLED - CALL FOR AVAIBILITY/RESERVATIONS AT OUR 6,000 Sq Ft FACILITY - 541-647-4433 - At 5' by 15' by 6" - this Stand-up Paddle Board has earned it's name as the Sun Deck of all SUPs. It can easily handle 8 adults and children on the board with an 1,100 pound capacity, or 6 comfortably seated adults with the optional seating added at no charge. Pictured with only 6, it can handle much more. As you go down the river, you will be greeted with stares, waves and shouts as you pass by on this king sized paddle board. two people can easily carry it to the water and our specially designed trailer can transport it completely inflated. Comes with 2-4 SUP paddles, and life vests for all occupants and chairs if requested. The Sun Deck utilizes state-of-the-art drop-stitch construction and inflates to 12 pounds per square inch for an incredibly solid feel on the water. It is virtually un-tippable (can stand on edge and jump up and down!), easily maneuvered, has nearly zero wind resistance. Can be easily navigated down river with a single paddler at the bow or paddle upriver with 2 to 6 paddlers. Turns on a dime and with only a few inches of draft can be taken into very shallow water. In summary - It Rocks On The Deschutes!!!

All Rentals Are For Up To 24 Hours:
Pick up as early as 9am - Return by 5pm same day or 9am the following day. Multi-day rental rates available on request.

Want to access the Deschutes River? 

River access rules changed dramatically on July 1st of 2016 - so give us a call for an update or Read about your river access options to match your situation:

Have SHARC Recreation Plus Passes or an owner's SROA pass? 

Your SHARC passes also provide you with access to the new SROA Boat Launch to park your car and exit/enter the river at No Charge (Paper Day Passes Not Accepted) – Owners and Renters must be in possession of a current SROA Recreation Plus Pass (or SROA Owner's Card) to open the gate, enter the water and exit the water from the marina. REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR PASSES WITH YOU TO TOYHOUSE - DON'T LEAVE THEM IN THE CAR OR AT YOUR HOUSE 

Please deflate all inflatables and securely tie down hard body items and return them to ToyHouse by 5pm or 9am the following morning. Remember all the vests, paddles squirt guns, etc.

Leave one car at the marina and bring the whole tribe to ToyHouse – we'll get everyone vested and shuttle your rental equipment to Harper Bridge (or other selected put-in) for your float/paddle. ToyHouse can not pick up equipment at the SROA Boat Launch. If you can't transport hard bodies equipment, rent inflatables) Harper to the SROA Marina is a really great 1.5 hour paddle (2.5-3 hour float). Come directly to ToyHouse and we load all your equipment for the put-in trip.


No SHARC Passes? Only have one car? No tow vehicle? No Worries! - Give us a call and we'll figure out the best plan for your group's desired trip length.

Floating Down The Deschutes River? We have self-directed Floats and Paddles varying from 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 2 1/2 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours & longer. Our staff would be happy to discuss your paddle and floating options.

Don't forget the camera – we have a free waterproof still/video camera – just buy the 8GB SD card for $20 to take the SD card & free adapter home with you.

Taking a Day at The Lake? Elk Lake Resort has music and food service every Saturday Night through the Summer. So you can spend the day at the lake and end your great day with music and dinner overlooking the lake. We have all sorts of water play toys for a fun day at one of the many lakes nearby. There are floating islands, tubes, water toys, kayaks, canoes, SUPs and so much more to make your day at the lake a memorable one. 12V pumps available for on-site inflation of inflatable toys.

Cultus Lake is just 20 minutes from Sunriver - for great days floating, paddling, kayaks, SUPS and more around the lake - or bring a jet ski with you too!

We do this every day - so give us a call and we can figure out what's best for you and your group - from 1 to 100 - we've got you covered!