Regular Virtual Reality Room(s) By The Hour - No charge to reserve room(s)

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  • Location: Sunriver, Oregon
  • Product code: SunriverVR - 1-5 Guests Regular Room

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Rent a room for one, room for 1-5, multiple rooms or reserve the whole facility! Call 503-407-8936 for reservations or more info.

WINTER WALK-IN HOURS: Friday - Sunday from 11AM to 8PM 


Regular Virtual Reality Rooms for 1-5 Players - Virtually go anywhere in the world, hunt dinosaurs, battle zombies, defend your castle gate, play fetch with "Mono" your robotic dog, skate board, be a noble knight, fly around, shoot down drones, save the world... We have a large curated selection of both Free to Play and Premium Games for your entertainment pleasure.

There are now over 3,000 mind blowing games and experiences to choose from with your own account, with 10-15 new added every day!

$0.00Room Reservation Fee Per Hour. Room fees collected at End of Session.

Flat Fee Room Rental Rates: 

$10/Hour - Seated Virtual Reality Experience

$20/Hour - 5'x7' Solo Room

$40/Hour - 8'x10' Regular Room (1-5 Guests Take Turns Playing, one VR player at a time, others see and hear Player's VR View on TV in real time). Players select games they wish to play from available content during their turn. 

$60/Hour - 10'x10' Premium Room w/ Leather Couch (1-6 Guests Take Turns Playing, one VR player at a time, others see and hear Player's VR View on TV in real time). Players select games they wish to play from available content during their turn.

Special Discounted Facility Party Rental Deal with Free To Play Games (1-35 People) - $100 First Hour, $50 per hour there after, plus $5 cleaning fee per room used! May not be combined with any other discounts.

Each person has their own opportunity to select their own experiences (Free or Premium) in real time during their turn. It takes 2 rooms for 2 players to play in the same Virtual Reality at the same time. We have both Free to Play, Premium and Ultra Premium Games where you can be on the same side or fight each other with two rooms.

Outside food and beverage allowed at no added cost, access to microwave, refrigerator & freezer, 2x6 table, personal Steam account access.

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Dates, Family Night Out, And Great Social Entertainment for all ages.

Reservations Suggested - but not required.

WINTER HOURS: Friday - Sunday from 11AM to 8PM

HOLIDAY HOURS: from 11AM to 8PM - Halloween, Thanksgiving Week Fri-Sun, Xmas/New Year December 22nd-January 1st, CA/OR/WA Spring Breaks, Memorial Day

SUMMER HOURS: from 11AM to 8PM Seven Days A Week - June 21st to Labor Day

Optional Premium Game Access Additional $10-20/Hour – in visor selection

$5 Sanitation Fee Per Room Used – Paid at end of session

WHEN BOOKING, LEAVE A COMMENT IN "Special Requirements" TO LET US KNOW HOW MANY IN YOUR PARTY, and what kind of room you might want. Can change on arrival.

Walk-in's Welcome!

Sessions May Be Booked from 11AM to 8PM online or 7 days a week by Calling 503-407-8936.

Call for special arrangements, or last minute bookings.

SunriverVR is located between the Circle K and Subway in the Sunriver Business Park at 56896 Venture Lane, Sunriver, Oregon - just 20 minutes south of Bend Oregon. With a full clear 10' x10' (Premium Room), 10' x 8' (Regular Room) and 7' x 5' (Solo Room) play area where you will have both the space and time to get into some serious fun - solo or with your family and friends.

The Future is Here and It's GREAT!!!  Find your favorites - you've got the time to explore and go where very few have gone before!

The experience can not be properly described - it must be experienced first hand. Young and old alike have a great time.

You're on Vacation - Try Something New - This Technology was not even available until very recently.

Tried a 360 video with your smartphone? This is a completely different experience. In Virtual Reality, when you move, so does your perspective - exactly like you are there - because...  you virtually are!

Must be 18 or over to make a reservation.

Need a 3D Scan of your home real estate listing or business for promotion? It's the future ya know -


56896 Venture Lane, Sunriver, Oregon