Reserve Your Virtual Reality Guided Tour Room(s) By The Hour - $10 Reservation Fee (Subtracted From Total Cost On Tour Day)

から USD $10.00
  • 所在地: Sunriver, Oregon
  • 製品コード: SunriverVR - 1-5 Guests Regular Room

Regular Virtual Reality Rooms for 1-5 Players - Virtually go anywhere in the world, hunt dinosaurs, battle zombies, defend your castle gate, play fetch with "Mono" your robotic dog, be a noble knight, fly spaceships, shoot down drones, save the world... there are over 1,600 mind blowing games and experiences to choose from, with 10-15 new added every day:

$10 - Room Reservation Fee paid per room, per hour, is Subtracted From Total Cost of Room, On Play Day. Room rentals balance is collected at End of Session.

Room Rate: $40/Hour 1-5 Guests

Outside food and beverage allowed at no added cost, access to microwave, refrigerator & freezer, 2x6 table, personal Steam account access.

Perfect for Birthday Parties, Family Night Out, And Great Social Entertainment.

Reservations Suggested - but not required.

NEW SUMMER HOURS from 11AM to 8PM Seven Days A Week.

Premium Game Access Additional $20/Hour – in visor selection

$5 Sanitation Fee – Paid at end of session


Walk-in Hours from 11AM to 8PM Seven Days A Week

Sessions May Be Booked from 11AM to 8PM By Calling 503-407-8936. Call for special arrangements, or last minute bookings.

SunriverVR is located between the Circle K and Subway in the Sunriver Business Park at 56896 Venture Lane, Sunriver, Oregon - just 20 minutes south of Bend Oregon. With a full clear 10' x 10; play area where you will have both the space and time to get into some serious fun - solo or with your family and friends.

The Future is Here and It's GREAT!!!  Find your favorites - you've got the time to explore and go where very few have gone before!

The experience can not be properly described - it must be experienced first hand. Young and old alike have a great time.

You're on Vacation - Try Something New - This Technology was not even available until very recently.

Tried a 360 video with your smartphone? This is a completely different experience. In Virtual Reality, when you move, so does your perspective - exactly like you are there - because...  you virtually are!

Must be 18 or over to make a reservation and at least one adult must be present at all times.

Need a 3D Scan of your home real estate listing or business for promotion? It's the future ya know -


56896 Venture Lane, Sunriver, Oregon